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Explore the work of Paul Sandby, the father of English watercolour painting and one of the founding members of the Royal Academy.

Nottingham-born Paul Sandby pioneered the artistic depiction of landscape in Wales, Scotland and England. He was instrumental in exploiting a well developed market for prints of topographical views, buoyed by the popularity of domestic tourism among the leisured and moneyed classes.

Views of the nation's ancient monuments, especially ruined abbeys and castles, established as part of a wider landscape, were by far the most prominent feature of his work. He also painted estates, from large royal and aristocratic parks, to domestic and commercial gardens, and his work shows a Georgian England being reshaped and transformed by agricultural, industrial and urban change.

Set within the atmospheric Newstead Abbey, the exhibition celebrates his drawings, prints and paintings, including his views of Newstead.

This exhibition is part of RA250, supported by Art Fund.

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