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Discover the life and work of one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial women photographers of the last century in a double exhibition.

Witty in her letters, ground-breakng in her career and independently minded in both her private and public life, Olive Edis brought vitality and empathy to all her subjects.

A Life in Focus spans more than fifty years of her life and work based in Sheringham. Coming from a professional family she surprised her contemporaries by photographing fishermen as well as politicians and royalty with equal skill and pleasure.

A thirst for adventure saw her travel to Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, and the Amazon, and in 1919 she took photographs of British female medical workers in France and Belgium, forming the subject matter of the exhibition, The Road to Ypres, and ensuring her position as Britain’s first female war photographer.

At home she was the family breadwinner and an example to her workforce of mainly female employees in a period when career women were the exception to the rule. She embraced all the emerging techniques of colour technology and the evidence of her passion is embodied in the collection of work she left behind.

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