The Future Starts Here

V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum)

12 May – 4 November 2018

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A fascinating opportunity to explore what today's designs and technologies might tell us about the future and how we can help shape it.

Tomás Saraceno, Aerocene, launches at White Sands Natura (NM, United States), 2015

It is often noted that the price of increased connectivity through smart devices and the internet is compromised privacy. This exhibition looks ahead to how further development of the technologies we have already might shape our lives for better or worse in the future.

From personal interactions in the home to global political and environmental ramifications, and even questions of immortality, tomorrow’s reality is already in development in laboratories and design studios worldwide.

Asking what influence the individual can have on all of this, over 100 objects are brought together including Facebook’s unmanned aerial vehicle, Aquila, the Long Now Foundation’s Library of Civilization, and specially commissioned pieces by Miranda July, Stamen, Tellart, Marco Ferrari and Kei Kreutler.

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Daily, 10am – 5.45pm (Fri until 10pm)

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