An exhibition of the brilliant illustrations that brought Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels to life.

Paul Kidby is best known for being the ‘artist of choice’ for award-winning writer Sir Terry Pratchett. He has designed the Discworld book jackets since 2002 as well as many other Discworld publications.

This exhibition comprises over forty of Paul’s drawings, oil paintings and watercolours of favourite Pratchett characters including Rincewind, the Wee Free Men and, of course, Death, as well as book jackets and some lesser known Discworld art work.

Also, on display is a selection of Paul’s own fantasy pictures inspired by British folklore and landscapes including works from the recently published book, The Charmed Realm.

Terry Pratchett had strong connections to Buckinghamshire. He was born in Beaconsfield in 1948 and attended school in High Wycombe as well as starting his early career as a journalist there.

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