Quentin Blake: Voyages to The Moon and The Sun

House of Illustration

4 May – 30 September 2018

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A tale of space travel illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Voyages to the Moon and the Sun illustration

The first ever exhibition of Quentin Blake’s illustrations for this French literary classic, coinciding with The Folio Society’s publication of a new edition.

Cyrano de Bergerac’s 17th-century tale of space travel inspired many of fiction’s greatest sci-fi writers including Jonathan Swift, Jules Verne, and Edgar Allen Poe.

Bergerac's wild imaginings and outlandish tales make perfect subjects for Blake's energetic and humorous illustrations, being full of improvised flying machines, fantastical journeys and topsy-turvy worlds where free love is enforced and books can talk. Blake first produced illustrations of these texts for the Folio Society in 1991 but, over 25 years later, he has revisited his original drawings, reworking and adding to them.

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