Contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Yanzi explores themes of healing through the collections at the Surgeons' Hall Museums.

After visiting Surgeons' Hall Museums last summer during a residency, artist Zhang Yanzi returns with an exhibition of works inspired by the historic pathology collections.

Her deep interest in the universal human search for ease and wellness has informed a series of exhibitions across the world, and here she uses diverse materials to explore themes of medicine and healing.

Qi, meaning energy, is the largest piece in the collection and a spectacular 65 meters long. A large silk banner symbolizes the flow of energy through the human body, the understanding of which is vital in the practice of acupuncture. In Wishing Capsules, 15,000 children wrote their dreams and hopes for the world and placed them in blister packs which will be opened again in 10 years time.

Another exhibition by the artist, A Quest for Wellness, is on display simultaneously at the Museum of East Asian Art, exploring wellness from a Chinese perspective.

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