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This new exhibition explores how a modern master transformed his artistic vision after witnessing the ancient Greek sculptures of the British Museum.

On his first ever visit to London in 1881, the French sculptor Auguste Rodin took a trip to the British Museum, where he was immediately struck by the beauty of the museum's iconic Parthenon sculptures.

The experience would inspire Rodin to take a new artistic path, fragmenting his sculptures to channel the broken relics of the past, and creating a new form of contemporary art as a result: the headless and limbless torso.

This exciting exhibition will see an unprecedented intervention of the Parthenon galleries, where a selection of Rodin's work - including his iconic sculptures The Thinker and The Kiss - will be shown alongside the ancient Greek sculptures which inspired them.

We caught up with artist Jonathan Yeo after his visit to Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece. He talked to us about his new-found passion for sculpture and why this is one of the must-see exhibitions of the summer.

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