Fashioned from Nature

V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum)

21 April 2018 – 27 January 2019

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Discover the rich history of fashion inspired by nature, the worrying toll it takes on the natural world, and the creative solutions emerging within the industry.

Greenpeace printed cotton t-shirt, Britain, 1990s

Items from the last 400 years, such as a hugely popular pair of earrings from 1875 made from the heads of two real honeycreeper birds, show how fashion has always plundered the natural world both for inspiration and raw materials.

This exhibition invites visitors to take a closer look at where their clothes come from – examining the different materials used over the centuries – and showcases designers creating sustainable fashion today.

Highlights include the Calvin Klein dress made from recycled plastic bottles worn by the actor, Emma Watson, a Grape gown created from material derived from wine industry waste, and beautiful historical garments such as a woman’s jacket from the early 1600s embroidered with pea-shoots and flowers.

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Daily, 10am – 5.45pm (Fri until 10pm)

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