50 Glorious Shows!

Cartoon Museum

28 March – 2 September 2018

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Celebrate 12 years of the Cartoon Museum in Little Russell Street, London, with highlights from the 50 exhibitions it has shown there.

William Hogarth, A Harlot's Progress, Plate 1, 1731

Celebrating cartoons, comics, caricature, graphic novels and animation, 50 Glorious Shows! displays over 170 original works, many by past masters of British cartooning such as Hogarth, Gillray, Tenniel, Heath Robinson, Pont, HM Bateman, EH Shepard and Ronald Searle.

Britain has a great tradition of political satire, and the show includes selections from previous exhibitions of Spitting Image, €urobollocks! Bell Époque, Maggie! Maggie! Maggie!, Punch, and Private Eye, as well as some recent donations by the rising generation of political cartoonists.

One of the most vibrant areas of cartooning and comics is the world of graphic novels, which is represented by a selection of work produced by British graphic novelists over the last twenty-five years.

Also on display are key acquisitions made by the museum in the last 12 years, such as a Beano cover by Dudley D Watkins, a Gillray printing plate and the original 1961 advertising poster for the new Private Eye.

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Please note that the museum is currently closed and is relocating to a new site on Wells street. It will open in spring 2019.

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