Counter Investigations: Forensic Architecture

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)

7 March – 13 May 2018

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Revealing new, architecture-based methods of investigative research, this exhibition showcases previously obscured evidence that has gone on to shape state inquiries at the highest level.

Project: The Ayotzinapa Case: A Cartography of Violence

Counter Investigations uses models, videos, large-scale maps and interactive platforms to present a series of investigations by independent research agency Forensic Architecture into human rights violations and acts of state and corporate violence – the results of which have impacted upon legal processes and military, parliamentary and UN inquiries.

Including previously obscured evidence and based on the use of architecture as an ‘optical device’, the exhibition features a 3D model that collates hundreds of images and video clips taken at disparate locations during the bombardment of Rafah, Gaza by Israeli forces in 2014.

As this exhibition shows, this form of reconstruction is just one of the ways that Forensic Architecture has investigated cases including collusion in murder and migrant abuses, piecing together a revelatory narrative in entirely new ways.

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