Lubaina Himid: Hard Times

Harris Museum & Art Gallery

2 March – 3 June 2018

Discover the work of 2017 Turner Prize winner and Preston-based artist Lubaina Himid at this large-scale exhibition.

Lubaina Himid, A Fashionable Marriage, 1986. Installation view, The Place is Here, Nottingham Contemporary, 2017

Titled with reference to Charles Dickens' novel, this exhibition brings together a number of major works by Lubaina Himid, who has a long relationship with both the Harris gallery and Preston (she is professor of contemporary art at the University of Central Lancashire).

Although critically acclaimed throughout her career, Himid was not widely celebrated until she won the Turner Prize last year. One reason for this, she suggests, is that her work was ‘too complicated to talk about’.

Touching on issues of racism, slavery and living with colonial history, through her layered and arresting works which include painting, ceramics, printmaking and installations, Himid invites conversation and a belief in a way forward. Her art is a sharing of her own and other people’s stories, and by viewers bringing their own stories to an exhibition, she hopes the conversation can begin.

Works central to this exhibition include the theatrical setting A Fashionable Marriage, through which visitors can walk; 40 small paintings comprising Inside the Invisible, seen for the first time in the UK; and The Feast Wagons, an installation of handcarts.

The three works by Himid in the Harris's collection, including Hannibal's Sister, are also on display.

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