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The four photographic artists shortlisted for this prestigious prize share a concern with the production and manipulation of knowledge and systems of representation in visual formats.

Although each artist varies in style and approach, individually and collectively their works can be percieved as a means of interrogation for the status and position of the image in contemporary culture.

Mathieu Assellin presents his work from a meticulous investigation into the economoically and ecologically devastating history of the global biotechnology corporation Monsanto.

Rafal Milach's work is concerned with the mechanisms of propaganda and govermental control, documenting its effect in post-Soviet countries and their architecture, urban projects and objects.

Batia Suter presents her digitally manipulated images which explore the shifting context of representation of images and the process of their consumption.

Luke Willis Thompson presents his harrowing portrait of Diamond Reynolds, who broadcast the moments immediately after the fatal shooting of her partner Philando Castile by a police officer in Minnesota.

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