Royal Women

Fashion Museum

3 February 2018 – 28 April 2019

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The clothes of women who played a key role in the British monarchy reveal stories about their lives.

Queen Alexandra evening dress, tartan silk by Madame Elise, about 1870

Each woman featured in this exhibition played a significant role in the British monarchy – and these roles influenced their choice of clothing.

The dresses – their colours, cuts and styles – tell us much about Alexandra, Princess of Wales, Queen Mary, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, and how they chose to present themselves as royal women.

Highlights on display include Alexandra’s wedding dress, dating from 1863, on loan from the Royal Collection, lent by Her Majesty The Queen, and an ensemble of gold and pale green velvet worn by Queen Mary to the wedding of her granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth.

A selection of royal accessories complements the items of clothing on display.

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