Orchestra of Letters

Lettering Arts Centre

2 June – 2 October 2017

Explore the exquisite and varied work of master lettering artists in a new exhibition celebrating letters and music.

The same tune is never the same tune twice

To mark the 50th anniversary of Snape Malting’s concert hall, curator and master letterer, Mark Frith, invited leading lettering artists to interpret the theme Orchestra of Letters.

The result is a large exhibition of work from a wide range of disciplines such as calligraphy, typography, letterpress, laser, oxidation, ceramics, glass, wood and stone letter carving.

Among the 36 artists featured are calligrapher Gaynor Goffe, letter carvers Tom Perkins, John Neilson, Martin Cook and Eric Marland, graphic designer Mark Noad, letterpress worker Alan Kitching, and stone carver and illustrator Charlotte Howarth.

The works on display range from prints to sculpture, all exploring the relationship between lettering and music. On loan is Shadow Stones, a vitrine by ceramicist Edmund de Waal inspired by music and the poems of Paul Celan.

The response from artists was so great, a sister exhibition, In Concert, will be shown in the autumn, featuring a further 27 letterers. Masterclasses in a number of techniques will run alongside both exhibitions.

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