Jake and Dinos Chapman

Cass Sculpture Foundation

14 April – 22 October 2017

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A darkly playful exhibition by leading British artists, Jake and Dinos Chapman.

Jake and Dinos Chapman, The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth but not the Mineral Rights, 2007

Known for their dark humour and iconoclastic approach to religion and morality, the Chapman brothers have created three large creatures of corten steel to dwell in the beautiful foundation grounds. The child-like fun of these friendly looking figures is belied by the title, The Meek shall inherit the Earth, but not the Mineral Rights, a quote from the oil and art tycoon, J. Paul Getty.

Things turn darker still in the Main Gallery, where the exhibition, Two Legs Bad, Four Legs Good, includes a bucket of eyeballs floating in blood, a defecating cow and a sheep with haemorrhoids. The title here comes from George Orwell’s allegorical novella, Animal Farm, where the animals’ bid to free themselves from oppression results in far worse tyranny.

Both displays are in keeping with the brothers’ interest in history and politics, and the dire consequences imposed ideology can have for society.

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