Glorious Years: French Calendars from Louis XIV to the Revolution

Waddesdon Manor

22 March – 29 October 2017

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Glorious Years is a celebration of the power of the printed image before photography.

la Chaussée, The august alliance of the houses of Bourbon and Austria, 1771

Before the rise of photography, printed images were nonetheless widely consumed. One lesser known genre of the printed image was the illustrated calendar popularised during the reign of Louis XIV, during which time the calendar was reinvented.

These calendars, originally called almanacs, depicted major events, from royal weddings, and births to battles and peace treaties. Their function was to inform the public and glorify the king and his image.

On display at the museum are rare prints, a number of bound pocketbook almanacs, some of which were official directories listing, for example, members of the royal households. Others still contained songs, poems, and illustrations.

This exhibition has been extended for 2018 and will run from 21 March to 28 October.

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