Co-curated by her grandson Jovan Nicholson, the exhibition examines the artist’s changing periods of creativity.

Winifred Nicholson was based in Cumbria but also spent long periods of her life travelling in Italy, Switzerland France and Greece. She would always paint the landscapes that surrounded her, fascinated by how to best capture their light and colour.

Nicholson moved to Bankshead in the 1920s where she worked on capturing the scenes around her house on Hadrian's Wall. The outbreak of the Second World War prompted her to relocate to her parents’ home in Boothby, where she would live for over 20 years. Here she focused on painting the interiors of the property and the differing views from each of its windows, pushing herself to find new ways of expressing the same scenes.

In the 1960s, after returning to Bankshead, Nicholson entered the most experimental phase of her career. Inspired by the spectral colours of a prism, her depictions of the North Pennines became increasingly abstract.

This wide-ranging exhibition brings together landscapes, still lifes and portraits – including her experiments with abstraction – drawn from across the breadth of her career.

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