Karla Black and Kishio Suga: A New World Order

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

22 October 2016 – 19 February 2017

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Bringing together works by the Scottish and Japanese artists in order to reveal the similarities in their scopes of exploration.

Karla Black at Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia

Karla Black and Kishio Suga were born decades apart and on opposite sides of the world, but they share a decisive preoccupation with the materiality of everyday objects; combining banal items to create sculptures that invite you to view physical properties in new ways.

As part of the Japanese group Mono-ha (meaning ‘school of things’), Suga upended perceptions of what sculpture could be in the 1960s, creating large-scale installations incorporating industrial materials such as wood, steel, stone and concrete.

Black, based in Glasgow, creates equally disarming forms by incorporating pastel colour schemes drawn from similarly commonplace substances such as soap, paper and powder. Black states that they are designed to evoke a ‘sensual experience above language, as a way to learn about and understand the world’.

In this show she has created a site-specific gallery installation, while Suga has revisited some of the best-known works from throughout his oeuvre.

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Sun – Sat, 10am – 5pm Closed 25 & 26 Dec

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