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The first ever museum presentation of the complete set of works by the enigmatic Scottish filmmaker.

As a teenager Samson was active in protest movements. During his years working at the Clyde shipyard in Glasgow he became a spokesperson for his fellow apprentices and was arrested at the Holy Loch for participation in a demonstration against nuclear action.

In 1963 he enrolled at The Glasgow School of Art to study painting, where he became part of a bohemian circle of artists, writers and musicians. He taught himself guitar, took up photography, and by the mid-70s began working on the cycle of films that would bring him acclaim.

Shown here is his complete series of five film works, inspired by his working-class background, his passionate interest in radical politics and his love of art and bohemia. Interested in giving voice to cultural outsiders, Samson covered a wide range of topics including tattooing, amateur railway enthusiasm, clothing fetishism, the professional darts world and the sex lives of disabled people.

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