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Showcasing the vivid stained glass designs of the talented Shrewsbury artist.

Margaret Agnes Rope was quite remarkable for her era. Born in 1882 at a time where women were largely suppressed, she enjoyed smoking cheroot cigars and riding motorbikes and wore her hair daringly short. She didn't rely on financial backing from a patron, rich family or husband; instead she funded her own career, often working from home rather than a studio.

Highly modern and incredibly striking, her stained glass work was installed in churches and cathedrals in Suffolk, South Wales, Scotland, Australia and South Africa. Yet just a few years after achieving success she chose to become a Catholic nun and moved into an enclosed convent. From here she continued to work in a small studio provided by the other sisters.

Rope was an intensely private person; she left barely any records, and even asked that some of her remaining works be destroyed after her death. As a result, her achievements are little known. This exhibition brings together artefacts from all over the country, many of which have never been seen in public before.

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