Ryan Gander's handpicked highlights from the Arts Council Collection celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Gander’s work tends to be driven by enquiry and investigation, rather than rules or limits. What if a child’s den of sheets were remade in memorialising marble (Tell My Mother not to Worry (ii), 2012)? What if an entire set of chess pieces were remade in zebra wood, so that neither side was entirely black nor white (Bauhaus Revisited, 2003)?

Born in 1976 and based in London and Suffolk, Gander has achieved international recognition for a prolific and diverse body of work embracing a vast range of media, from sculpture and installation, to books and games, even the attempt to introduce a new word and the creation of a unique range of sportswear.

Using the Arts Council Collection’s holdings of figurative sculpture as his starting point for this exhibition, Gander has established an objective system of selection to forge unlikely correspondences and unions, prompting a fresh view both of the collection and the role of the curator.

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