ARTIST ROOMS: Joseph Beuys

Tate Modern

From 23 November 2015

Explore the work of one of the 20th century’s most revolutionary cultural figures.

Joseph Beuys, Joseph Beuys als Titelbild de Wirtschaftswoche, 1976

German artist Joseph Beuys (1921–1986) saw creativity as central to all aspects of human existence.

His proclamation that ‘everyone is an artist’, that all people have the power to shape the world, was at its root a search for form.

As well as sculpture and performance, his work as an artist came to encompass social theory and political action.

The works on show here from the ARTIST ROOMS collection, Four Blackboards and Information Action, embody some of the fundamental problems of political and social life – who gets to speak, by what authority, and how?

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