Horizontal Humans

The Photographers' Gallery

2 October 2015 – 10 January 2016

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An exhibition of three dimensional scanning that explores the effects of decomposition in nature.

ScanLAB Projects’ latest experiment in 3D scanning takes autopsy as its theme, using pigs, which are proportionally
and genetically not dissimilar to people. A project at the Taphonomic Research in Anthropology: Centre for Experimental Studies observed the decomposition of pigs, a process recorded by ScanLAB. The result is an experiment in the abject beauty of decay in nature, and a revisiting of the question of objectivity across different modes of visual recording, with 3D scanning perhaps the latest to be tested for its ‘truth’.

These haunting if bizarre scenarios tie in with several case studies featured in Burden of Proof. Alphonse Bertillon’s attempts to use photography and scientific recording methods to reduce crime scenes to formulaic, documents, for example, share the same quality of some photographs depicting the deceased – that of wanting to view them while also needing to look away.

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Daily, 10am – 6pm (Thu until 8pm, Sun from 11.00am)

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