Bringing together work by 15 of China's most exciting contemporary video artists from the regions of Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Since China’s first piece of video art was produced in Hangzhou in 1988, the city and its neighbour, Shanghai, have become centres of development for contemporary electronic media. Many of China's most influential video artists were trained or established their careers in the area.

On display at Lakeside are 15 examples of video art produced in Shanghai and Hangzhou over the last 27 years. Distinctively characteristic of a generation who were born after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, these works do not fixate on clichéd aspects of China’s revolutionary past, but instead explore contemporary urban life in the nation and the effects of increasing globalisation.

Often combining international and Chinese approaches to video production, artists include Tan Lijie, whose film referencing Chinese theatre is filmed underwater. Meanwhile Liu Zhenchen, who now lives and works part time in Paris, evokes the pace of progress in his native Shanghai with an accelerated sprint through the city.

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