Richard Long: Time and Space


31 July – 15 November 2015

Featuring a selection of works in which the Bristol-based land artist explores the area where he grew up and still lives.

Richard Long, River Avon Mud Crescent, New York, 2011

Richard Long's work investigates the natural landscape and his experience within it. Walking is a central aspect; he creates art as part of a journey, using the raw materials – such as stones and driftwood – that he finds along the way. Leaving little or no trace, his creations are documented through photographs or texts that record his ideas, observations and experiences.

As Long describes: 'They are a sort of simple celebration of the place, like its stones, or the horizon, or the mist, and of me being there, at that particular time, possibly never to pass that way again. I sometimes think of these works as songs.

'I have said that a sculpture can be as far as the eye can see, meaning the stones can be aligned to a feature on the horizon, for example, or a passing cloud, at that moment, in relation to the viewer'.

While he has made land art in all five continents, this exhibition many examples created locally in Bristol and the South West. Encompassing almost 50 years of work, the display demonstrates how the ideas he coined as a young artist have developed throughout his career.

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One of his earliest pieces, Ireland – created in 1967 – has been remade in the galleries. It is joined by two new pieces: a sculpture made from Cornish slate and a wall work fashioned out of mud he collected from the River Avon.

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Tue–Sun, 11am – 6pm
Closed on Mondays, except Bank Holidays

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