Publisher and Plunderer?

National Library of Wales

31 January – 27 June 2015

An exhibition exploring the life and work of scholar, notary and receiver of the King, Sir John Prise.

Sir John Prys collection

Prise was one of Wales' most prominent Renaissance figures; charged with seeing to the ruthless demands of Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII he was involved in dissolving Britain's monasteries and persecuting heretics.

Yet Prise was also fascinated with printed books and manuscripts. Over his lifetime he amassed an incredible personal library which included the earliest Welsh text, the Black Book of Carmarthen. He also took advantage of new technology to publish the first Welsh printed book – Yny lhyvyr hwnn – in 1546.

This exhibition attempts to reconcile his cultural interests with his public role, providing a rare opportunity to view the monastic plunder which fell into Prise’s hands.

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