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Part of the 2014 tour of ARTIST ROOMS, the collection of post-war and contemporary art assembled by collector Anthony d'Offay and part-gifted to the nation in 2008 with support from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Art Fund and the Scottish Government.

Francesca Woodman was born in Denver, Colarado in 1958 but lived most of her brief life in New York. Having taken her first photograph at thirteen, she committed suicide in 1981 at the age of twenty-two. However, in the few years before this she had created a powerful body of photographic work that continues to influence artists today.

Woodman's silver gelatin prints explore gender and self but are not portraits in the traditional sense. In typically empty, flaking interiors she is most often seen half hidden or obscured by slow exposures that blur her figure into a surreal, ghostly presence. Both intense and unsettling her images provoke a sense of underlying fragility, a feature heightened by their intimate scale.

The 18 works that were acquired by Anthony D'Offay and are now held in ARTIST ROOMS once belonged to Woodman's boyfriend and a number were inscribed to him with personal messages by the artist.

Oriel Davies Gallery

The Park Newtown, SY16 2NZ

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