Stan Douglas

The Fruitmarket Gallery

7 November 2014 – 15 February 2015

The artist employs the mediums of film, photography and installation to provide a critical analysis of social reality.

Stan Douglas first broke onto the art scene in 1997 with Der Sandmann, an installation based on a short story by 19th century horror writer ETA Hoffman and a Sigmund Freud essay. Douglas' piece consists of a double projection film which has been split down the middle and reassembled so the two sides are slightly out of sync. This has the effect of creating a 'temporal gap', delaying the viewers' understanding. It is being shown at this display in Edinburgh.

Der Sandmann established Douglas' interest in modernism. Throughout his career he has continued to explore themes from classic literature, Hollywood cinema and jazz music. Here we see his reimagining of Orson Welles’s film The Trial (itself based on Kafka’s novel) and a series of photographs in which he poses as a fictional North American post-war press photographer.

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A new piece, The Second Hotel Vancouver, is exhibited for the first time. Originally used as a backdrop for another project, the digital c-print is based on a real-life hotel which was used to house veterans after the Second World War. Although the building appears in darkness, the windows are illuminated to provide a voyeuristic glimpse in the private activities of the residents.

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