Sculpture, gouache, painting, embroidery and neons illustrate the confessional art Emin has become known for.

Tracey Emin is known for her highly-personal narrative works; from the tent embroidered with the names of her previous bedfellows to the bed littered with the physical carnage of her relationship break-up. True to form Emin is similarly reflective in this exhibition, describing the work as 'about rites of passage, of time and age, and the simple realisation that we are always alone'.

In fact the title – which is transcribed in neon within the display – was originally intended to refer to a secondary person but, as she became engrossed in creating this body of work, Emin realised that it actually seems to refer to herself.

Included are the most significant series of bronze sculptures produced by the artist to date, as well as canvases created over several years through a process of application, obliteration and layering.

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