Sci-fi collides with 18th-century innovation as Steampunks take over the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

For those not in the know, sci-fi sub-genre Steampunk is the reimagined history of the British Victorian era. Here nine associated artists have produced works inspired by the technical inventions that were presented to the Board of Longitude between 1714 and 1828. These innovations were intended to solve the problem of finding longitude at sea.

Steampunk creations range from the remains of a crashed time-travelling airship and a reimagined version of a silk star-gazing suit, to a tour of the observatory's Flamsteed House as guided by The Commodore – a character devised by the novelist Robert Rankin. They are displayed alongside the Royal Observatory’s real historic objects.

As well as Rankin, featured Steampunk luminaries include Lady Raygun, Herr Döktor, Doctor Geof, Emilly Ladybird, Major Thaddeus Tinker, Lady Elsie, The Alchemist and Citizen Griffdawg.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Blackheath Avenue, SE10 8XJ

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