Philip Lorca diCorcia: Photographs 1975 - 2012

The Hepworth Wakefield

14 February – 4 June 2014

Male prostitutes, unsuspecting passers-by, pole-dancers and diCorcia’s own family members are among the hundreds of people featured in the six series of photographs.

diCorcia is concerned with negotiating the relationship between the staged and the documentary photograph. Seemingly spontaneous shots have in fact been intricately planned out in advance, often down to the most minute detail.

This exhibition examines debates around why truthfulness is so frequently associated with the photographic image. Many of the works are set in real locations, but the lighting, subjects and arrangement are created by the artist.

For example, for the Hustlers series, DiCorcia paid each of the male prostitutes the amount they would usually charge for their services to pose for him, shooting his subjects in backdrops that were reminiscent of America film culture.

Other notable collections include Streetwork and Heads, for which hidden flash devices were used to capture unsuspecting passers-by on the streets of New York, making for an interesting exploration of the ethics of 'street photography'.

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A Storybook Life is presented in its entirety, consisting of 76 photographs featuring diverse narrative scenarios peopled by characters drawn from diCorcia's own life.

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