Tala Madani

Nottingham Contemporary

25 January – 23 March 2014

A display of the Iranian-American painter's small and large-scale works, which depict comical and abstract issues.

Tala Madani imagines a world which is a male-only domain. Her paintings and digital animations rely heavily on bodily functions, with groups of men shown in underwear or sleepwear enjoying each others' company.

Madani has said that her work, a critique of male power cliques, uses humour to 'bring everyone's guards down'. As such, competitive violence is reduced to an absurd impotence, so called 'feminine' colours or patterns are applied to macho activities.

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A new series of works feature children from a traditional learn to read series that reflects the conservative gender roles of the 50s.

The original characters appear alongside Madani’s little men - who can be good or evil - subverting the children's ordered existence with their anarchic actions. As a teenager newly arrived in the United States, Tehran-born Madani used these books herself in order to learn English. ​

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