Bruce Munro at Waddesdon

Waddesdon Manor

13 November 2013 – 1 January 2014

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Six site-specific installations create a dramatic explosion of light and colour in the grounds of Waddesdon Manor.

Munro has a self-proclaimed passion for 'light in all its forms', and the works on display reflect his ongoing fascination with its transformative capabilities.

The display features works such as Brass Monkeys, a series of free standing pyramid sculptures within which spheres radiate varying shades of blue and white, and River of Light, a re-imagining of his Field of Light – the piece which first brought him to international prominence.

Made up of almost 6,500 lighted glass spheres arranged in a specific geometric format, it appears to flow and ripple like a river.

Munro hopes the light sculptures will invite visitors to explore the landscape in new and unusual ways.

The exhibition is the conclusion to Waddesdon Manor's year-long focus on the sensual, illusory and aesthetic effects of light.

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Two works have been created specifically for the exhibition; Parliament of Owls, a totemic 'tree' from which pairs of bird-like glass eyes wink and blink at passers by and Mynah Words, featuring a series of ultra-violet tubes and laser-cut speech bubbles.

Installed in the manor aviary, Mynah words is a humorous response to the chattering of the Rothschild Mynahs, an endangered species named after the naturalist Lord Rothschild, which are successfully bred at Waddesdon.

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