Chiharu Shiota: Other Side

Towner Art Gallery

11 October 2013 – 5 January 2014

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Towner has commissioned Shiota to create an immersive installation that pervades the entire gallery space.

The Japanese performance and installation artist is best known for her series of works in which various everyday objects, such as beds, windows, pianos and suitcases, are entwined inside webbed labyrinths of black and red thread.

Previous installations include Memory of Skin, which consisted of giant dirt-covered dresses that were continually being flushed by shower-heads and Dialogue from DNA where she invited people to donate footwear with a special memory or sentimental value.

For the Towner commission, Shiota creates a gateway of five doors which lead to black yarn cocoons beyond.

Rather than view the piece from a removed location, visitors are able to walk around inside, becoming truly immersed in the other-worldly atmosphere of the installation.

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