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The inaugural exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery features a site-specific installation by the Argentinian-born artist renowned for his fantastical sculptural works.

Working with a team of builders, sculptors and engineers, Villar Rojas produces large-scale installations that test the limits of clay; for example the 28-metre long whale stranded in a forest sculpture, which he produced for the End of the World Biennale.

There are overarching connections between his works, which together create a world of ruins and ancient monuments that challenge concepts of time, history, modernity and the future.

For his first exhibition in the UK, the artist responds to the Sackler Gallery's former life as an ammunition store.

Taking inspiration from the brick-vaulted powder rooms at the centre of the building, he re-imagines the architecture and original purpose of the building.

The artist has paired the installation with a twin site of production, a traditional brickworks in Rosario, Argentina.

Here bricks are created using an ancient method of mixing raw materials in the ground using animal power before hand firing them in pyramidal towers.

Elements of this production process appear as 'ghosts' in the exhibition.

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