Universal Everything and You

Science Museum

21 September 2013 – 7 February 2014

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An ambitious project by the UK based art and design collective sees a large audio visual installation take over the new Media Space gallery.

Made up of two parts – 1000 Hands and Presence – Universal Everything's interactive digital installation is described as a 'playful and experimental invention in sounds, drawing and moving image'.

1000 Hands is created by contributions from the public through a smart phone app. In the gallery space it takes the form of a circular projection onto multiple screens, with each one showing an individual artwork generated by app users.

An evolving soundtrack will amplify and recede in relation to the works on screen as different shapes reveal hidden forms, behaviours and appearances.

Presence meanwhile, is a circular four screen video installation occupying the space around 1000 Hands.

These screens show abstract forms moving against a black background, created by motion captured performances of Julia Eichten and Nathan Makolandra from Benjamin Millepied’s LA Dance Project.

The playback of the performances show the dancers in a number of digital 'costumes', for example, glowing feathers or elaborate sculptural trails.

While the performances evolve over time, they always move to an audio pulse that harmonises with the soundtrack of 1000 Hands.

Founded by Matt Pyke in 2004, Universal Everything works with a global network of designers, artists, musicians, producers and programmers.

The studio's focus is to create digital artworks which explore anthropomorphism, making use of new technologies such as 3D printing, touch screens, motion capture and large format video.

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Daily, 10am – 6pm (last entry 5.15pm) Open until 7pm (last entry 6.15pm) during school holidays Closed 24 – 26 Dec

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