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A series of works to be displayed at venues around Greenwich, including a new site-specific commission and sculptures that have never been seen in the UK before.

The group of works explore themes of Britishness, trade and empire, commemoration and national identity which are central to both Shonibare's work and the museum's collections.

Nelson's Jacket and Fanny's Dress, two sculptural installations of period costumes made in the artist's signature Dutch wax fabric, are on display in the north east and north west parlours of Queen's House, while a batik wind sculpture can be seen on the lawn just outside.

Inspired by the idea of capturing and freezing a volume of wind in a moment in time, the sculpture echoes the billowing sails of a historical ship.

Also on display in Queen's House, The Fake Death Pictures series, which depict five new visions of Nelson's death.

Each referencing a famous artistic death scene from paintings by Leonardo Alenza y Nieto, Édouard Manet, Henry Wallis, Bartolomé Carducho and François-Guillaume Ménageot, the works show Nelson in the place of the original subjects.

These are presented alongside objects from the museum’s collections, chosen by the artist and relating to the life of the naval hero.

Meanwhile, a specially commissioned piece is displayed in the Astronomer Royal's apartments.

Titled Cheeky Little Astronomer, it makes reference to the way that the apartments have played an important role in history, but have also has been used as a family home. (Please note - entrance fee applies to Flamsteed House at the observatory).

These sculptures join Shonibare's Nelson's Ship in a Bottle, originally a Fourth Plinth commission and now a permanent part of the National Maritime Museum's collection in Greenwich.

A scale replica of HMS Victory (1:30) in a bottle, it measures a rather substantial 4.7m in length and 2.8m in diameter an has sails made of richly patterned textiles.

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