Zoe Beloff: Dreamland

Grundy Art Gallery

17 August – 2 November 2013

An exhibition celebrating the centennial of Freud's visit to Coney Island and the concept of amusement parks as repositories of society's dreams.

Zoe Beloff, Dreamland Model

Beloff's work is focused around the activities of the Coney Island Psychoanalytic Society, a small group of Freud followers that have become immortalised in urban legend.

Albert Grass, the visionary founder of the society, had read about Freud's trip to Coney Island and was inspired to begin designing his own amusement park, based on the psychoanalyst's theories of dream formation.

Titled 'Dreamland', Grass' project never came into fruition and his plans disappeared into obscurity until Beloff's research into the society led her to stumble upon the drawings in his notebooks.

A working model of the amusement park, recreated from Grass' original designs, is one of the key features of the exhibition.

Beloff's investigations also uncovered 'dream films' made by some of its members, as well as drawings, letters and many other unusual objects which are also on display.

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Dreamland has previously shown at venues across America and Europe, with Beloff creating additional work specific to each region or gallery.

For this show, Beloff's new pieces focus on Freud's little reported visit to the fairground attractions of Blackpool in 1908.

In letters he sent back to his family, Freud spoke of his delight at the experience and it is believe this is what inspired his trip to Coney Island just a year later.

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