Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace

V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum)

18 June – 20 October 2013

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Illustrators and graphic designers create dramatic visions of the future in response to a new story written by the novelist Hari Kunzru.

Set in a future London, Hari Kunzru’s new story is about a dystopian society in which the world’s information has been wiped out by an immense magnetic storm. With technology gone, the dark ages prevail controlled by an organisation believing in extreme simplicity.

Amid this chaos is one man, locked in a cell, trying to remember the past. Inside his ‘memory palace’ he attempts to piece together the fragments of a lost life, re-constructing those moments in history that he can remember in the belief that without memory, civilization is doomed.

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The artworks in the exhibition are corrupted fragments and misunderstood details of history as remembered by the narrator of the story.

These include Nemo Trai’s drawing ‘The Limpics’ a flag strewn, twisted metal complex with no discernable use and Le Gun’s ‘Ambulance’, which is a veritable cabinet of horrors, a moving hospital carriage in opulent Victoriana and Voodoo.

Finally Mario Wagner’s levitating airport lounge seems to lead executives to a dead end.

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Daily, 10am – 5.45pm (Fri until 10pm)

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