The Saatchi Gallery continues its support for emerging talent, presenting the work of a new generation.

The chosen artists, many of them recent graduates, are not bound by any ideology or artistic movement, but many of the works in the show respond to the wealth of imagery that society is increasingly exposed to on a daily basis.

The exhibition includes sculptural forms that owe a debt to American minimalism, paintings that mine British caricature from the 18th century, the iconography of earthly power (kings and politicians), everyday elements from ordinary life (tattoos, underpants, banana skins), industrial materials as well as traditional oil paint and gouache.

The artists in the show are as follows: Greta Alfaro, Steven Allan, James Balmforth, Sarah Barker, Charlie Billingham, James Capper, Amir Chasson, Nathan Cash Davidson, Nicholas Deshayes, Amanda Doran, Alejandro Guijarro, Dominic from Luton, Wendy Mayers, Natasha Peel, Guy Rusha, Rafal Zawistowski, Tereza Zelenkova.

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