Ever fancied exploring an opium den? Or peeking at the private belongings of an 18th century trader? If so, this could be the exhibition for you.

Global trade tends to be regarded as a largely good thing, freeing the movement of goods and exposing awareness to other cultural products.

But poke a little deeper beneath the surface and contradictions are revealed, from exploitation in production to perpetuating racism - and it's these aspects of world commerce that this exhibition aims to explore.

With artwork grouped to form thematic rooms, Couriers of Taste tackles weighty subjects including territory, consumerism and trade.

One such example is Karen Tam's reconstruction of an opium den, which explores the carelessness of cultural stereotypes. Visitors are invited to lie on the 'opium beds' and explore authentic and inauthentic props, such as an opium pipe and cheap replica perfume, Opium Yves Saint Laurent.

Meanwhile, Laura White's Esque Collection is a colouful mix of 'everyday stuff', the 26 sculptures playing off WESSIELING's poem constructed from advertising slogans.

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