Amazon Adventure

Horniman Museum and Gardens

16 February – 24 November 2013

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An exotic exhibition exploring the Amazon, from peckish piranhas to giant anacondas, it celebrates the wonders of this great river and the fragile eco-structure it protects.

Ray Troll, Fishes of the Amazon

Seafaring legs are needed for this exhibition that begins on board a riverboat. Visitors are introduced to a number of Amazonian creatures including the pink dolphin, which is rapidly depleting in numbers thanks to over fishing.

Logging and cattle ranching cause other environmental disasters, and there is a section on how the native peoples of these shores are in danger of loosing both their homes and their livelihoods due to the demands of modern farming methods.

The exhibition moves through the different terrains of the Amazon, from the sandy bank and the flooded forest to the floodplain lake, the floating home and the Tetra stream, revealing the extraordinary biodiversity that calls the Amazon its home.

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Catfish, sting rays and electric eels, they are all up for grabs here (quite literally). Its not everyday you get to see a tank of tetras or feel the zap of an eel, while a Scarlet Macaw and a rainbow Toucan add that touch of colour to the proceedings.

There is also a chance to dress up for the world famous ‘Fish Festival’ a holiday in Brazil and learn about the legend of the mysterious Pink Dolphin.

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Museum Daily, 10 – 5.30 Closed 24 – 26 Dec Gardens Daily, Mon – Sat, 7.15 – sunset Sun and Bank Holidays, 8 ​– sunset Closed 25 Dec

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