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The biggest ever exhibition of Leonardo's studies of the human form.

Following on from the National Gallery's blockbuster Leonardo exhibition, the Queen's Gallery reminds us that painting represented only a small proportion of the artist's output. The drawings by Leonardo are some of the most significant items in the Royal Collection.

Not content to simply accept received wisdom about ideal human forms, the artist set out to test aesthetic theory against real human bodies, and attempted to answer fundamental questions about humanity and the body - the causes of death and the location of the soul. Leonardo's considerable reputation meant he was able to dissect bodies relatively freely, and his drawings were intended to form the basis of a treatise on anatomy which would have been a huge step forward in science had it ever been published.

Sadly, the restless spirit of the polymath meant that the work remained incomplete, and had to wait centuries before being reappraised. Today, however, the drawings are recognised as some of Leonardo's most important achievements, and prove that his status as a true 'Renaissance Man' is richly deserved.

The Queen's Gallery

Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA

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