For this exhibition, acclaimed photographer Judah Passow embarked on a year-long project examining the rich diversity of contemporary Jewish life around the UK, exploring what it means to be British and Jewish in the 21st century.

Passow, a winner of four World Press Photo Awards, has been working as a photojournalist for over thirty years. His work has been published extensively in both national and international press.With unprecedented access to a wide variety of community organisations, cultural and religious institutions, private homes and personal moments, Passow has created a unique series of direct and unmediated images. These are both inquisitive and compassionate, bringing depth and sensitivity to the complexity of their subject. The resulting photographs are rich in texture and atmosphere, intriguing and compelling.The exhibition aims to examine those shared values which shape cultural and political identity and create a remarkable sense of community " the commitment to charity, social action and education, the centrality of traditional milestones in Jewish life, the observance of religious holidays and the relationship between professional and family life.While some of these themes are uniquely Jewish, others - like age, gender and class - are universal. The exhibition invites viewers from all backgrounds to relate to the familiar moments in the photographs and discover how they resonate with their own experience.

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