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Nine artists from the region's universities have been given the opportunity to show their work in the annual One Step Beyond exhibition .

This exhibition demonstrates the Museum's commitment to supporting work by emerging artists and giving them the opportunity to showcase their art in a professional gallery space. The artists will also have the opportunity to talk about their work in the gallery in a free lunchtime talk on Thursday 16 June from 1-2pm.This year there is a predominance of sculpture and installation work with wide and varied themes: Gill Smith creates objects that instil enjoyment with an element of intrigue and ambiguity; Robert Cartwright's photographs address the 'silent commands' that we automatically obey when we see a yellow or white line in the road; Elizabeth Dyer has created an entire A to Z personality for a fictional character;Rosie Antunes responds to the gallery space with a rhythmic and tranquil installation; Nathan MacDougall invites us to question our ideas and memories through his mixed media assemblages; Anna Reschl is preoccupied with the idea of 'woman' and what an ideal woman is; Michelle Neale questions preconceived body ideals in society; Johanna Domke struggles with self-medication and pain and Ellen Yates addresses issues of aging.

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