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This exhibition of around 40 customised Harley-Davidson motorbikes, the first of its kind, spans the company's early models to the very latest.

Models have been brought in from the UK, Germany, Japan and the US. Each bike has its own story, from a rare 1909 model " built in the first decade of Harley-Davidson's production heritage " to motorcycles used for the US military and police in the 1930s and 1940sThe exhibition also looks at the bike builders, owners and enthusiasts who have embraced the customisation culture, creating unique machines that reflect their personality and sense of style, as well as the groups that enjoy the freedom that the Harley-Davidson lifestyle has to offer.All Harley-Davidson bikes are manufactured in Milwaukee, USA, but the almost endless array of available aftermarket parts and accessories worldwide provides radical customisation opportunities and enables owners to realise their own personal dream machine. A full list of all motorcycles in the exhibition is available.

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