A crucible in which we will forge comedy’s golden future, and literal GOOD GIG, with hosts Thom Tuck & Sian Docksey bringing high-end foolishness, Permitted Heckles and a ludicrous, bountiful plenitude of artistically inclined guests.

“The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society’s a great night. Comedians all trying this really weird, out-there stuff. I came away from it really inspired.” (Harry Hill)

"A very good night." (Stewart Lee)

“Another ridiculously over-booked night at the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society as a parade of inventive comics muck about joyously.” (Chortle)

Cartoon Museum

63 Wells Street, London, W1A 3AE

020 7580 8155


Opening times

Tues – Sun, 10.30am – 5.30pm. Thursday late opening until 8pm

Closed Mondays

Closed 25 Dec – 2 Jan

Closed during the Christmas period – please check website for details

The Cartoon Museum is following government recommendations on all COVID related safety measures.

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