Unlike most sporting contests, the winner is the last person to cross the finish line at 5:15 pm. Competitors can go as slow as they want, they can take a nap if they wish and go in any direction. The race will be animated by Dadaist commentary and prizes will be given to people taking part.

This absurd yet humane and inclusive race deliberately allows the gallery space to be occupied according to each individual’s pace. The motivation to win is not fuelled by domination or defeat. The only rule is that participants need to move at their own pace; their ‘movement’ is choice and free to be interpreted.

A collaboration with WAIWAV (We are Invisible We Are Visible) and DASH, the disabled-led visual arts organisation, Beyond Relentless Acceleration was formed as a reaction to the reneging of promises made by the able world during the pandemic of 2020; that society would not see a return to business as usual.

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