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A Zoom meeting will take place to discuss experiences with the event, gathering one last time to read and respond in the Gathering Space.

Artist Bettina Fung invites you to join her for a special closing event as she completes a month-long durational performance and closes the Gathering Space in her interactive digital artwork The Sea Changes Into Words.

To signify the closing and archiving of the shared, collaborative space we will perform a collective activity, bringing something from the digital realm into the physical world. Participants will need to bring their own squares of paper for the activity. For guidance on preparing your paper please visit this website.

Aspex and Bettina Fung are committed to creating a welcoming, accepting and safe environment for all visitors. You may encounter fellow participants in the Gathering Space and we encourage mutual respect, collaboration and exchange. This is a collaborative space with contributions made by many participating individuals. Some views and opinions stated here may not reflect the beliefs of Aspex and the artist, and should not be deemed as reflective of their position. This is also a space that appreciates the coexistence of similarities and differences and again we encourage all participants to be respectful of different cultural practices, attitudes and beliefs.

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