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An art club for young people to improve their art skills and widen their knowledge and experience of different art, artists and techniques.

The club takes place in term-time, weekly and after school (approx 7 session per half term), teaching art in a formal and structured way, designed to expand into areas of artistic technique, theory and history - areas that schools do not currently have the capacity to cover - augmenting the school curriculum.

The age range is roughly 9-16 years, but acceptance to the club outside of this range will be considered since it is based on attitude, ability and drive of the individual child. We feel it is important for children to learn from their peers, as Heath Robinson himself learnt from his brothers’ and father’s practice. It is intended that direction of these lessons becomes at least partially driven by the students themselves as their confidence, abilities and interests develop.

All lessons will be designed, planned and lead by a team of professional artists and art educators. It is also intended to recruit professional artists to run defined projects which will be built into the structure of the learning program. These may be a single lesson or over a number of weeks, dependent on the needs of the projects. This will give the children unparalleled access to working artists from a variety of different practices, who will present projects based on their preferred working practices.

The price is for 6 sessions.

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